I only have a bajillion pictures of this dog. As the website needs a ton of work and my page of photos is already clogged like mad she gets her own page.

The info:
A'narii (Narii) is a half German Shepherd half Siberian Husky we brought home September 23, 2007. She was 6 weeks old then which puts her birth at approximately August 12, 2007.
She was the runt of the litter and the mother dog had stopped taking care of the puppies rather early on. They were all weaned too early. Narii was the last of the puppies to be given away and was actually being saved for someone else but as the owners of the dog were supposed to have saved us back a male and didn't we yoinked her. (I feel a little bad about this but only a little.)
She had nearly been poisoned to death. The owners of the parent dogs were giving the puppies flea baths every two days from at least 5 weeks of age and I suspect even younger. It took us two weeks to get her smelling like anything other than a bottle of dog shampoo. I was almost certain she wasn't going to make it through that first night. I was wrong. And that's ok. ^_^
We're essentially doomed. Not only does she have a Husky thermostat but she's terrifyingly smart. (She was asking at the door to go outside the first full day we had her and she learned the "sit" command in a single day.) She's stubborn. She's a belch queen. XD She's cute and charming and fully aware just how cute and charming she is. It takes next to nothing to wrap someone around her paw.
It bears saying again: We are doomed.
I feel compelled to mention that at 4 mos she's now HUGE and 27.5 lbs. Another 12 lbs or so and she'll weigh the same as Rain. O.o;

Last update: 12/4/07 (new/most recent pictures at the top)

Pretty on the new bed.

She does this a lot.

Tryin' to sleep. Leave me alone.

Gawd this kills me.

A little recharge and we'll be right back at the toys.

She looks good in autumn., 2, and with a head tilt.

At least some of the pillow all of the time.

Something going on?

Rain is yummy.

Multitasking. Sleep and streeeetch.

You kindof had to be there. She's really happy about having uprooted a rather large weed.

Still smiling in our sleep, but now our personal assistant handles it.

Evil puppy beast.

She's my little fruit bat.

They're not speaking to each other.

Fitting under the furniture counts, no matter how you get there.

This kills me. Ded.

Rafi hasn't been the same, sweet boy since the puppy came.

Narii sandwich.

There's thud and then there's SUPERTHUD.

She's a freak.

Looks like a good laugh to me.

You can zonk or zonk with style.

Any doubt left that she loves her dog?

It's all about the ears, baby!

Amazing flying dog.


I r teh cute. Play wif me.


She's getting so big.

Another ottoman picture

And another ottoman picture

Reverse chase the ball under the couch

She's so silly.

The lamb is often popular.

I'm bored. So bored.

Rainy's toy? I don't see Rainy's toy.

Laurali calls this "I surrenders!"

"I surrenders!" With cute cameos by Leo and Laurali's socks.

ALLO! I was standing too close to the wall and this'n' got goobered. :\

Cute but psycho

Narii and Rainy (She's fine, it's just a funny face. Incidentally this is my fave Narii pic to date.)

Narii and Rainy (Again, she's fine. Rain's extremely gentle with her.)

Narii and Rain

Little ebil shark doggy

Narii and Rain

Looks like they're singing

Narii and Rain

My husband took this one.

Narii and Rain.

She inherited a lot of the ferrets' stuff.

We smile in our sleep.

Her Leo sense was tingling.


Under the ottoman

Meant to be a pic of Leo

I r teh chew toy.

She's also half cat

She sleeps with her eyes open sometimes.

Didn't QUITE make it all the way to bed.

There's that lamb pillow again.

It was a long journey

Narii and Rain.


She loves her Rainy.

So freakin' cute.

Rainy luv


Itty bitty doggie...great big bed.

Rain has two babies, 2

The first night., 2. (I feel I should mention that I have teeny, tiny feet. [[Can wear a size 4 in Kids shoes.]])

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