All the newest of the new is linked right here for easier access in an approximately 'biweekly cycle' list. Updates are sporadic. The dates represent when the pictures were put up, not when they were completed....and to help squelch the desire to leave certain pics I like up (here) forever. I will do that if I give myself half a chance. No discipline whatsoever :P

And now, for the current babble =) Watch this page for progress reports. If you're visiting often, please refresh to see changes.

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Made myself a new spacer. ^_^
I say it counts.

Other Nooz
Graphics generated, pages open.
Other than some loose art floating around that
I need to post and a couple of hiccups I'm now
facing poring though all these photos...V_v
Oh...and miscellaneous pages overhaulery but yeah...
PG-13 gallery overhauled.
Spiritual gallery overhauled
(no thanks to the dog or anybody else around here)
deleted some old banners, rearranged colors
(does anybody banner exchange anymore? O.o;)
removed LJ icons and icons page (that's about 4 years overdue or more)
updated relevant links on site map
background changes here&there
Deletion day. Cleaning out folders and whatnot. Still in progress.
removed image edits from Gaia Gallery.
Aww, sad. Just realized/found out MGC is 3 years gone. =( That's really unfortunate.

Miscellaneous Gallery overhauled.
Fanart overhauled.
that was easy. XD
no new art, barely any old art. Bahaha!
Requests/Trades gallery now open
(no new art, durh) XD

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