I've always been a little click-happy. It doesn't seem to have improved now that I don't have to worry about film. Very random, these and none of them really good but rather just for fun. New ones are above the line.

For pictures of Narii (dog) go here)

Last updated: 11/13/07

Rafi in the hallway. Nothing special, he's just pretty.

Rain spilling over onto the lamb.

Rain specifically on the lamb.

Sweet kitty pic. (It would've been even sweeter without the corner of the pillow ruining the effect.)

Lovely Rain in front of our front door.

Leo stole my napping spot.

Rafi plays fetch.

Skink small enough to get caught in a spiderweb--or: how my heart got broken this summer. (He was rescued and seemed none the worse for wear but I'm a sucker for baby critters that could coil up and fit on a quarter it seems.) I mean jeebus, look how new and shiny this guy was. O.o;

Groundhog checkin' things out. The zoom on my camera leaves MUCH to be desired. 2, 3, 4, 5.

Blue tailed skink. I didn't catch him when he was being really cute but he was very patient and let me take scads of pictures. Sadly my camera flaked and this is the only one I could use.

Freaky, huge bug. The last of these was taken right before the damn thing decided to try to give me a heart attack. Does ANYONE know what this is? *blinkblink* 2, 3, 4, 5.

Rafi letting me know in his own weird way that it was cold in the house that morning.

More groundhoggy goodness (Well, badness.) They both took a run at me seconds after this was taken. Kinda scary. XD

Groundhog. (It's been so long since I uploaded the one above and from here to 7th turtle that I have no idea what these are.

Turtle rescue #8, 2.

Turtle rescue #9. Turtle #10 did not get caught on film. V_v;

Rafi taking up as much of his cushion as possible. (I remembered!)

7th rescued turtle of this year heading home Ornate box turtle, probably male. Good sized, almost needed two hands to carry him. The green paint on his shell gave me pause. I'm assuming he just ran afoul of some pollution rather than he was a pet that someone mistreated. The poor thing got licked slimy by the dog. (We're now tied again 3-3 for turtle finding.)

And a raccoon. My camera still sucks obviously. I tried to get a better picture but the big guy bailed on me. Ahwell.

Ferret fun (one of the best of the last pictures I got to take of my boys.)

Stitch diving (the other of the best of the last pictures I got to take of my boys. Let the record show I'd never have let them play with something so potentially toxic/dangerous if they hadn't been on borrowed time. I wanted them to be happy. Mission accomplished.)

Leo stole my lamb pillow.

Storm rolling in 2/28/07

Storm rolling in 2/28/07

Photos of paint techniques in the new house
Let the record show that I picked all the colors involved. ^_^

Living room 1, 2, 3. The obnoxious yellow was already on the walls. I thought adding the orchid/purple over it would be really pretty. I was right. ^_^ Hawk did all the painting for this color. (And he did an insanely good job, I'm so jealous. I don't think any of my rooms turned out anywhere near as well.) Also, here's the area leading down toward the office and a sliver of the dining room. Dining room and kitchen were done in the blue technique and we liked it so we didn't change it. Woot.

Guest room 1, 2. The blue was already on when we moved in and I just wanted to change it a little. I'd originally intended on using some of the seafoam we had left over from the other house but there are still a great deal of areas that need touching up with that color so I used some of the extra from the studio (pictures pending) glaze w/a sponge technique. I love the way it turned out and really wish I'd used this technique in the studio and the studio's technique in this room. However I am too damned lazy to move everything and start over. Meh.

Guest room 2, this is my attempt at getting the difference between the colors to show. I failed a little. The color the room is now is a nice, tame gray-rose and the color before was an obnoxious pink-crayon-with-an-attitude pink. D: Hawk painted this room.

My studio. Unfortunately my camera is sucky in that I can never get the colors right even on my computer so who knows what you guys are seeing. This room was originally a bland medium brown/tan. I put on a base coat of a nice, rich medium pine shade and went over it with a green so pale it was almost white. Used a rag technique. Reviews have been pretty rave so far but I still wish I'd switched techniques with the main guest room. 1, 2, 3, 4.

Ham 'n' Evil (Leo in the foreground, Rafi behind him.

Rafi and Jendax

Cats taking a nap in my old chair. Leo in the back, Rafi in front.

Cats stealing Rain's pillow for a nap. Leo in front, Rafi in back.

Cats napping in the OTHER chair. Rafi in the back, Leo in front.

Rafi communing with the ceiling. He's good like that.

Rafi still communing with the ceiling. I swear he hadn't any catnip that day. He just digs the ceiling.

Rain really hates it when the cats lay on her pillow. That's Rafi snoozing away with her. Note how she's as far away as she can be and still be somewhat on the pillow.

Just a really pretty picture of Rafi

Stitch caught wrestling with leftover clean laundry.

Stitch givin' a cat toy the smackdown. :)

Stitch joyfully reacquainting himself with the plastic eggs.

Jendax and Baron wondering just what's wrong with Rafi. (And probably just glad he's not smacking them around.)

Red-Tailed Hawk 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9

Leo and Rafi (L+R) ebil kitties on the couch. Rafi's all O.o *L*

Leo. Turn your back on a project for one second and it gets turned into a playhouse.

Rafi checking out the box. Cut that one funny and Leo couldn't be seen. Erps.

MM7 marathon, I get up for a drink. My chair's been commandeered. Thank you Rafi.

Rain and Leo. It's Leo's turn to O.o

Rain and Leo again.

Leo stole a plume from my Faire hat. The back of Rafi's head cameos.

Leo still with the plumestealing. Rafi still has a back to his head.

Leo in the "rocket launcher." Weird. Day.

I traded the cats the green plume for the yellow. I dunno how Rain got it. (Note, I somehow forgot to resize this one and the next. Sorry dialuppers. *ish lazy*

Rafi, a sunbeam and the few unpacked movies left in my media center.

Rafi again. This is probably my favorite of the boypics.

Barefoot and tooling around the backyard I almost step on this. D: (October 2005)

All bed type things = fair game

Jendax again, when he's ready for bed he ain't playin'.

Baron cuddled up in an old sweatshirt. Looks like a spell gone wrong.

Jendax trying to widen the gap left in the gate. take two, take 3 (I did a bunch of these. These are the best of.)

Time to order more weasels. We're down to one. (Baron is quite adept at getting into desk drawers...CLOSED desk drawers.)

Jendax defending the fort ...all three boys just LOVE it in the carrier.

Jendax dusty

No manner of plush mouse shall ever threaten Jendax's family. *swoon*

They came to an understanding

Mousie didn't forget. When push came to shove he joined Baron's team.

The battle continues. No one ever tell me again that Stitch isn't the Spawn of the Dark. (No edit, just evil eyeshineness.)

Heard of The Dog? This is The Jen.

Stitch and Jen hugglysnuggly

Baron just had to see what I was up to.

Stitch gets aquainted with the plushie.

You have a tail! O.o;;

Stitch lurks beneath my leg about to strike. GrrraaaarH!

Gotta eat 'em all!

More eggy fun

Even more eggy fun

Beautiful shiny eggs. Jolly, candy-like eggs!

"Eggs and treasures, these are mine! Touch them not!" (A cookie to whomever can name that quote.)

Jendax goes full-on sea monster.

Anyone else hear the Jaws theme?

Mgarrrh! (Speaks for itself, don't it?)

"Must eat tail of interloper! It's a delicacy, don'tchaknow?"

The Domains of Hell and Winter ally to end Earth's dominion over the Plane of Egg.

Jendax blows his first raspberry, I'm so proud. This after Earth and Hell allied to rule the Plane of Egg together. (By all that's good and pure, somebody hand me a d20!)

Stitch: "Really mom? The camera... again? *sigh*" (I can't believe he stood so still long enough for me to get a picture of anything but his hind end.

Jen got his bath. Oh the horror.

Actually, everybody got a bath. (I don't like my ferrets or nothin'.)

Rain woke up before I clicked. Seconds before there was snoring happening. Still funny.

Rain tells us happiness is a security blanket (even if it takes the guise of a rawhide chewie bone thing.)

Jendax lounging on one of my old shirts in the play area. He needs a bath so desperately. :)

Jendax trying to figure out how to remove Hawk's sandal.

Stitchhad to come say hello when I sat down in the play area with the camera. Funny boy.

Jendax gettin' woolly w/the wiffle ball. "Puff up, puff up! They hate that!"

Baron, seconds before charging.

Jendax is fascinated by about half of what Hawk says...that or tall things amaze him. Either way it's too cute for words. Baron and Stitch appear left to right behind Hawk's legs.

Jendax, there he goes again with the listening. The others have moved on by now.

Stitch defies gravity, sound asleep, view 3 (this went on for a good, long time.)

Stitch's markings change a little every day.

The ferrets being once again subjected to my click issues. =D That's Baron on the left, Jendax in the middle and Stitch (aka: Little [censored] vampire [censored]) on the right.

I'm sure there's a hammock-sleeping pitfall moral in this story somewheres. (Stitch)

The little vampire's awake and ready to kill (also Stitch)

Stitch using Baron as a mattress. =D

Baron has a strange fascination with the camera

The newest ferret, unnamed as yet. I'd just put up a new shower curtain, taken a break and when I went back to check on the boys, fuzzy butt came out wearing one of the old rings.

Little ferret checking out the lawn bag.

Jendax and Baron curled up together They look so much smaller (and harmless) when they do that. :)

Rain all curled up on the guest bed/futon (Our poor guest. *L*)

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